About Us

Meet the Owners:

Lucky Pawz, LLC, is the creation of four dog lovers: Jake and Brooke Koller, Jim Kelly, and Megan Doyle. As fate would have it, our friendship began while walking our dogs on a cold, fall evening in the neighborhood park back in 2001. The Koller’s Golden Retriever Macy, and the Kelly’s Yellow Labrador Retriever Sully, took an instant affection toward one another and quickly became the best of friends. (Of course, this meant that the people had to get together to let the dogs play). After this chance meeting, we quickly realized that the adoration between Macy and Sully not only allowed them to express their affection, but their continuous playing was a great way for them to socialize and exercise – and at the end of the day, we could all get a good night’s rest!

The four of us bonded immediately, and our great friendship expanded into an entrepreneurial partnership with the creation of Lucky Pawz. We started this business for one very simple (and obvious) reason: WE LOVE DOGS. For the past decade we have used the knowledge we have acquired from our education and work experience to make a positive impact in the canine world, to make the life of busy dog owners a little less stressful, and to build a successful business with a loyal customer base. Through our dedication to understanding dog behavior, we have learned a great deal about the positive aspects that dog daycare and boarding offers, and the importance of socialization and positive reinforcement in the mental and physical health of your dog.

While we have all come from different directions in life (Jake is an attorney, Brooke is a Dean at Kirkwood Community College, Jim is the General Manager at Lucky Pawz in addition to being an artist, and Megan works in the Human Resources field), we realize the importance of working together to reach common goals. Our primary goals are to provide your dog with a fun and beneficial alternative while you are at work or out-of-town, and to help others see the important role that dogs play in our everyday lives. We hope that you take the time to visit our facility and to meet our families (both human and canine). We are confident that you and your dog will like what you see at Lucky Pawz!


Mission Statement

Our chief mission is to provide your dog with a safe environment to experience the benefits of socialization and exercise while you are at work or out-of-town, or any other time you want your dog to have a good time.

It’s never too soon for your dog to become a Lucky Pawz dog!