Dog and Puppy Daycaredog

Day Rates

Single Day Pass $28.00
5-Day Pass  $125.00 ($25.00 per day)
10-Day Pass  $240.00 ($24.00 per day)
20-Day Pass  $440.00 ($22.00 per day)

Monthly *$380.00

*Monthly pass is good for full days of daycare Mon-Sat when daycare is offered. Pass expires at the end of the month. Refunds are not given for monthly passes.

Monthly pass purchasers will get a 15% boarding discount on any overnight boarding during the month a pass is active.

Half-Day Rates –

Choose either the AM session (Open-12:30) or the PM session (12:30-Close)

Please specify which session when making your reservation.

Standard Half-Day Rate  $20.00
Half-Day Pass  $90.00 ($18.00/half-day)
10 Half-Day Pass  $170.00 ($17.00/half-day)
20 Half-Day Pass  $300.00 ($15.00/half-day)

Note: 5,10,20  passes must be used within six months of the purchase date.
**Note: Monthly passes expire at the end of the month, not within six months.

Dog and Puppy Boarding

Rate  $41.00 per night

Rate is for the first 6 nights. If the stay is 7 or more nights a 10% discount will be applied to the boarding stay. Boarding dogs must be picked up by 12:30pm Monday-Saturdays or a $20 afternoon charge will be added on for the day of pickup.**

Do you have more than one dog?

If so, Lucky Pawz provides a discount for additional dogs from the same family who are able to share a kennel with their sibling. **If more than one kennel is needed per household a discount of 10% will be applied to that kennel.

Rate per additional dog sharing kennel: $29.00 per night **


Rate Per Night* Rate Per Night*
Number of Dogs 1-6 7+ **10% discount
1 dog per kennel $41.00 $36.90
2 dogs per kennel $70.00 $63.00
3 dogs per kennel $99.00 $89.10